Taman Mumbul, A Serenity Temple near Monkey Forest


The water temple, lake, bathing pools and surrounds at picturesque Tirta Taman Mumbul Sangeh. It is an idyllic and serene spot to take a break and maybe partake in a ritual water cleanse.

Not far from Sangeh Monkey Forest, 250 meters down a short steep road from Jalan Raya Sangeh, the area was mostly only visited by locals prior to early 2016, when it was developed as a tourist attraction. Huge trees, shading an expansive clear green pool, more akin to a lake is edged by a beautiful temple, Pura Ulun Mumbul.

The spring-feed pool remains important in the agriculture of the area, and channeled to local crops forms part of the subak irrigation system. The newly developed bathing area features a walled shallow pool with waterspouts watched over by statues of various gods from the Hindu parthenon. The water here is a beautiful jewel-like aquamarine colour, unmistakably holy water! Combine a stop here with a visit to Sangeh Monkey Forest for a pleasant half-day trip.

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Taman Mumbul Temple Sangeh

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