Mangrove Forest Bali, A Serenity in the Heart of Denpasar

Ngurah Rai Grand Forest Park or Bali Mangrove Forest, which is dominated by mangrove vegetation with the total extent of 1373.5 hectares, is located in Badung Regency with the extent of 753.5 hectares and Denpasar City with the extent of 620 hectares.

Furthermore, the research result in Ngurah Rai Grand Forest Park which became the focus of FPMB working area in Bali until today, has found that there are 12 true mangrove species and seven species of mangrove associates. The dominant species including Rhizophora apiculata, Rhizophora mucronata, Avicennia marina and Sonneratia alba.

Moreover, Ngurah Rai Grand Forest Park also has high diversity of wildlife such as birds, reptiles and amphibians. Overall, there are 66 types from 27 families of bird species found in Ngurah Rai Grand Forest Park. Bird species in this area are dominated by species of water birds such as: little pied cormorant, oriental darter, grey heron, great egret, intermediate egret, javan pond heron, black-crowned night heron, lesser whistling duck, Eurasian curlew, and kingfisher. In addition to birds, species of amphibian and reptile are often found in the area such as toads, frogs, iguanas, lizards, asiatic softshell turtles, mangrove snakes, etc.

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Bali Mangrove Forest
Bali Mangrove Forest
Bali Mangrove Forest
Bali Mangrove Forest

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