Tree House at Nusa Penida

Rumah Pohon is a unique destination which is located in Nusa Penida which offers lodgings that have the concept of a la era dodol and a 10 -minute walk from the traditional port ( Buyuk ). Lodging is designed is on the trees that had a bed in the trees and bathing places were taken the trees , the bed has a capacity for 2 people and each tree house has a bathroom downstairs. The tree house has ocean views , mountain views, views of the hills, forest scenery and views of the sunrise and sunset.

For ease and convenience of guests , there is access to the best place to eat on typical food Nusa Penida , 10 minutes access to the beach which has diverse species of fish and coral reefs are beautiful best for snorkeling , overlay view of the sea stretching from the top of the tree house and provide campfire at night while enjoying the fresh young coconut. Rumah pohon offers vacation packages such as;Package the tree house, Pack one day trip, Package explore Nusa Penida, Package nautical, Honeymoon Package. For ease of exploring Nusa Penida there is rental of motorcycles, cars and tools snorkeling.

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