Broken Beach at Nusa Penida Island

On the western side of the island lies a stunning sea arch and natural infinity pool so glorious you will think you are dreaming. The former, known as Broken Beach, lies over the most gloriously clear waters imaginable – so clear in fact that you can stand 100ft above and see the manta rays swimmingly gracefully beneath the water’s surface.

Beside Broken Beach lies Angel’s Billabong – a natural infinity pool set between large rocks, just above the ocean. Filled at high tide, the pool is best accessed at medium to low tide when you can swim to the pool’s edge and dangle your legs over the turquoise waters below – I have never seen anything quite like it in my life.

Broken Beach and the Angel’s Billabong are two of the island’s most ‘touristy’ offerings. In reality, the only thing that even hints at the touristy bit is a rustic looking road sign to get there and a few people, complete with a rickety stall selling drinks when you actually get there.

Good to know:

The journey there is an adventure in itself. You can opt to take a car or scooter – the former is a lot more fun, although I would recommend quite a bit of experience riding a bike if you do decide to take that mode of transport as the roads would be more accurately described as endless potholes, drops and muddy puddles – it is pretty technical terrain for a scooter to negotiate. However, it is a lot of fun.
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“The roughest roads lead to the stars” or the toughest journeys bring us to the most beautiful destinations. Nusa Penida is rugged, wild & breathtaking. But, seeing this stunning beaches was anything but easy. We spend hours bouncing all over dirt roads, scaling 30-story high seaside cliffs in 90-degree heat, and tiptoeing down precariously blazed “paths” that led to views of beaches so undiscovered and remote that you can’t event get down to them. I’m sure that in ten years, as more and more people discover this beautiful gem of an island, its roads will be paved, its beaches will be packed, and its paths will be easy. But I love just the wat it is today” Christina Vidal @jetsetchristina

We only had half day to explore this beautiful island, but it definitely was the highlight pf our trip to Bali 💗💗💗” Alona Kalinina @alonaviorne

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