Naughty Nuri’s Warung – Seminyak

Naughty Nuri’s Warung is famous for its pork ribs, with many people calling it the place to go for the best pork ribs in Seminyak. Prices are much higher than the usual Warungs, and it caters mainly for tourists as the prices are expensive for locals.

Besides the famous pork ribs, Naughty Nuri’s Warung also has appetisers like nachos, salads, sandwiches; and other BBQ items like Pork Chops, and Grilled Chicken.

Killer Ribs. Our signature ribs are generously marinated in Balinese spices and glazed over charcoal with our famous bbq sauce. We have been perfecting our technique and flavor for years leaving our ribs tender and succulent. These sticky babies will have you licking your fingers and begging for more.

Jalan Mertanadi No. 62 Kerobokan Kuta Utara, Badung – Bali
Phn +62 361 9347391 / 8476783
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