Tegal Wangi Beach, A Magical Place in Jimbaran

Tegal Wangi Beach become very popular since tons of young couples and photographers posted their beautiful images on social media. The beach is located on the western side of Jimbaran bay. With a cliff on the beach, where from its top, one can appreciate the clear blue water as the curling waves hit the beach below. Most of those who have visited this beach have magnetically been draw back to the beautiful waters that appear to have been painted blue as well as the coral reef undertones.

You can watch a magical sunset directly either from clifftop or down by the beach. Experience natural Jacuzzi by the beach and take enviable Instagram images. A hidden cave can be explored for a photo spot or just to relax, this is why this place is famous for.

The Fact
You need to walk about 200 stairs on the cliff side to reach the beach. Be very careful with the wave. Swimming on the beach is not recommended when it’s on high-tide.
For those who come to make wedding photo will have to pay a ‘spot fee’

Nearby Attraction
Jimbaran Bay; beautiful white sandy beach with a wide range of fresh seafood cafe along the beach open for lunch and dinner
Rock Bar Bali; A fancy and trendy Bar on the cliff in AYANA Resort overlooking the direct sunset and Indian Ocean view.
Sundara; A lifestyle destination that brings the best of relaxed beach-club vibes, stylish dining and live music to Bali’s beautiful shores.
Jenggala Ceramic:The biggest and modern ceramic factory and shop in Bali

Inspiring Travel Photos

Tegal Wangi Beach on Sunset
Tegal Wangi Beach on Sunset
Tegal Wangi Beach on Sunset
Tegal Wangi Beach on Sunset

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