Jimbaran Beach, From A Fishing Village to A Fancy Places

Jimbaran was once a simple fishing village with white sandy beach and a traditional fish market.  This coast line is now home to several of Bali’s more upscale resorts, and fancy restaurants and trendy bars. But its fishing heritage is still an important part of the Jimbaran experience.

What make this beach so popular are the white sandy beach and at the magical sunset. A string of casual seafood restaurants by the beach are open for lunch and dinner. Sitting around tables in the sand, eating delicious fresh grilled fish while a band of musicians roams the beach playing everything from the Bob Marley to Frank Sinatra: this is, for many, the epitome of the Jimbaran experience.

If you live in the Southern part of Bali, visiting Jimbaran bay is one of recommended things to do as this area is one of the beautiful place in Bali.

Nearby Attraction
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Sundara; A lifestyle destination that brings the best of relaxed beach-club vibes, stylish dining and live music to Bali’s beautiful shores.
Jenggala Ceramic:The biggest and modern ceramic factory and shop in Bali

Inspiring Travel Photos

Jimbaran Beach at Sunset

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