Kampoeng Bali, Experience Balinese Feast and Kecak Dance

When Kampoeng Bali opened in 2015 at RIMBA Jimbaran Bali by AYANA it created a whole experience that immersed visitors in the sights, sounds and tastes of traditional Balinese culture. Guests have only to follow the candle- and torch-lit pathway to enter an exotic and romantic old-world village where they are greeted by beautiful and friendly Balinese staff. Guests are given a fragrant frangipani flower to tuck behind their ear in true island style and a colorful sash to tie around their waist.Inspired by the Indonesian word for “village,” kampoeng is spelled in the traditional fashion to reflect the venue’s spotlight on the Bali of yesteryear.

A Traditional Balinese Village

Within the warm embrace of the authentic Balinese village, guests can explore a bustling marketplace with shops selling handcrafted gifts or oleh-oleh. Various souvenirs are also available from the vendors.

Surrounding the village is a stunning lake, verdant rice paddy field and gardens abundant with fruits, vegetables and herbs used by Kampoeng Bali’s chefs to ensure each meal bursts with delectable flavors. Guest can stroll along a lovely lakeside path lined with woven baskets housing colorful roosters, and delight in the many photographic opportunities. For the littlest visitors, a traditional pindekan, or windmill, inspires conversation about daily life on a working rice paddy. Traditionally, a pindekan is made from bamboo and offers a sound similar to bamboo music when the wind blows the propellers.

A Dramatic Open-Air Theater and Kecak Performance

Capturing the beauty of Bali’s legendary sunsets, a dramatic open-air theater offers terraced amphitheater-style seating that forms an elegant backdrop for the evening’s sunset ritual procession that begins at 6:00 p.m. It is followed by a mystical candlelight blessing ceremony and later, a dynamic theatrical Kecak performance. The program is designed to delight guests of all ages.

Normally a traditional Kecak dance focuses on the love story of “Rama and Sita from Ramayana ephos. In this version, the costumed dancers tell the captivating tale of “The Death of Subali.” The 40-minute performance uses elements of human sound as a musical score, combined with bamboo percussion known as tektekan. Following the performance, guests are invited on stage to take pictures with the dancers in their glorious costumes.

An Unrivaled Balinese Buffet

Beginning at 6:30 p.m., Kampoeng Bali’s restaurant unveils asumptuous Balinese buffet featuring live cooking stations and grills. Designed to please guests who are new to Balinese cuisine as well as connoisseurs, Kampoeng Bali’s world-class culinary team showcases the island’s most famous authentic dishes, including babi guling, or suckling pig, grilled fish sourced daily from Jimbaran’s local fishermen and large barbecued prawns. Vegetarian options are also available.           

Following the performance, diners enjoy an extensive dessert buffet of traditional Balinese sweets, including fresh fruit, Balinese cakes, homemade ice creams and sorbets, while the sounds of Rindik music creates a magical ambiance throughout Kampoeng Bali.

Operating Hours

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

18.00 – Sunset Ritual
18.30 – Balinese Buffet


Adult – Rp 650.000++ per person (Balinese buffet dinner with entertainment)

Children – Rp 325.000++ per person (Balinese buffet dinner with entertainment)
Rp 150.000++ per person (Entertainment only)

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