Tegalalang Rice Terraces Ubud, Bali’s most beautiful destination

Bali’s natural beauty comes in countless forms but the rice terrace creates some of the island’s most awe-inspiring backdrops. The Tegalalang rice terrace in Ubud is a famous place for snapping photos. One of the most beautiful green you’ll ever see, an interesting path to hike and small villages to explore.

The rice terrace looks like a work of art. The fields are various shades of green and are extremely well maintained. The coconut trees still give an extra charm. Be sure to walk through the rice fields to explore close its distinctive architecture. The dramatic landscape makes it a popular stop for the traveler, therefore, it is indeed like walking into a postcard.

The Fact About Tegalalang Rice Terraces Ubud

  • Admission is IDR 10.000 / person on the ticket booth. When you explore inside the fields, the landowners will ask donation in a certain area inside the rice field which is IDR 5.000/couple.
  • There are some selfie spots where you can take some great Instagram photos with a small fee (around IDR 5000)
  • Local people created a swing in the higher ground near Tegallalang rice terrace. It is intended for selfie and you can play this swing for a small fee.
  • You will see one or two farmers holding a bunch of grass as if they just collecting them around the field. Many tourists managed to take pictures with him but he will ask for some small cash in advance 😉
  • Tegallalang rice terrace could be touristy in the afternoon, therefore if you come to explore early morning, you will have this beauty only to yourself. Take a drone with you and create an amazing Instagram photo and video.

In conclusion, it doesn’t matter where you spend most of your time on your visit to Bali, a day-trip to the rice paddies is always essential.

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