Sekumpul Waterfall, The Spectacular Waterfall in Bali

Hidden in the dense jungles of Northern Bali lies Sekumpul Waterfall, a collection of seven picturesque waterfalls often cited as the most beautiful in Bali with the main fall is a spectacular 80 meters in height. To get to this amazing spot, you’ll drive through the mountainous region of Northern Bali which offer great views of the Twin Lakes of Buyan and Tamblingan.

What is special about Sekumpul is that there are actually seven waterfalls of different heights and varying water flows but only three waterfalls can be explored. Reaching the base of this natural wonder requires hiking through a concrete path through the jungle surrounded by a green plantation of cloves and tropical trees. But those who make the effort to get there are rewarded by getting to enjoy something truly unique and the pure serenity that is unforgettable by standing at the base of these waterfalls is a spectacular experience! You also can swim in the base of the waterfall with all the water mist. A photographer paradise!

VARRA Tour Package to Visit Sekumpul Waterfall

1| Amazing Sekumpul Waterfall and North Bali Adventure Day Tour

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