Taman Ayun Temple with Beautiful Water Garden

Taman Ayun literally translates as Beautiful Garden and is regarded as one of the most attractive temples in Bali. It was built in 1634 by the King of Mengwi, I Gusti Agung Putu. The temple is bordered by wide canals which irrigate the fields around the site. The temple is dedicated to the ancestor of the Mengwi Dynasty and other important Gods. Taman Ayun Temple is regarded as the “mother temple” for Mengwi Kingdom.

The Fact About Taman Ayun Temple

  • Entrance fee is IDR 30.000 / person and it is including sarong that you have to wear to enter the temple ground. But it is nice to bring your own.
  • The temple is located right next to the main road, making it easily accessible. Parts in the temple are considered sacred, so only those who come to bring offerings and pray. But travelers can explore around the temple and see all cultural activities from the side.
  • We recommend visiting Taman Ayun at around 9 am when it is less tourists so you can feel the serenity and tranquility in this beautifully designed temple with extraordinary Balinese traditional architecture.

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