Tirta Empul, A Holy Spring Water Temple

Tirta Empul Temple at Tampak Siring was built in 960 AD. Tirta Empul means “holy spring water” that is passing within the temple. The water feeds adjoining purification pools, baths and fish ponds surrounding the outer complex which then all flow to the Tukad Pakerisan River.

While there are several shrines and other structures on the premises, the temple’s tranquility is best seen in the large rectangular pool at the complex’s center. The spring is still believed to have healing powers. Pilgrims come from far and near to bathe in the pool to cleanse their body spiritually, mentally and physically. The worshipers enter the water to pray. Travelers, too, are welcome to enter the water, known for being a holy mountain spring.

While Bali’s other temples may be larger or more jaw-dropping, Tirta Empul Temple possesses a unique serenity that cannot be matched. This active prayer site inspires both Balinese Hindus and visitors of different beliefs. This temple is a Holy Water temple and a great cultural experience. If you have time, partake in the purification process. You’ll need to rent a sarong and follow what the locals do for the process.

The Fact About Tirta Empul Temple

  • Ticket admission is IDR 50.000 / person. It includes the sarong you have to use to enter the temple ground. But it is best to bring your own sarong.
  • Travelers can join the bathing ritual as long as they use sarong and respect on the process. Special sarong for bathing ritual and locker rental are available inside the temple.

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