Campuhan Ridge Walk, A Serenity in The Heart of Ubud

Campuhan Ridge Walk
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Campuhan Ridge Walk is a popular trekking path along the narrow spine between the eastern and western branches of Ubud’s Wos Rivers. It is an easily accessible opportunity not only to stretch your legs and get away from the traffic-clogged streets, but it also offers stunning vistas and a glimpse of village life.

Campuhan in Balinese means the confluence of two rivers, spiritually significant to Balinese Hindus as energy centers, and the river junction here marks Ubud’s beginnings when in the eighth century, wandering sage Rsi Markendya was drawn to this point, establishing Pura Gunung Lebah, and indeed the town of Ubud.

The walk is not strenuous, but there are a few uphill sections and some stairs in places. You don’t need hiking boots and plenty of folks get by in flip-flops, however, we’d recommend something a little more substantial. Take a hat as there’s little shade, and the sun can be scorching in the middle of the day. Of course, take water, but a few shops and cafes can hydrate you if you run out.

The walk can be done as an eight-kilometer loop, along the ridge and back through the streets, taking about three hours, or a more commonly as a shorter walk along the ridge and returning the same way about six kilometers, and if you get tired, there’s always the option to get a taxi back to town. The walk begins at the entrance of Warwick Ibah Luxury Villas, just east of the Campuhan Bridge. Take a drone with you and create an incredible Instagram footage at Campuhan Ridge Walk Ubud.

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