Ubud Traditional Art Market for The Balinese Theme Gifts

Explore the winding stalls of Ubud Traditional Art Market, a feast for the eyes with stalls brimming with colorful produce, handmade goods, and vibrant art. It is open early morning for daily groceries needs for local Balinese and than transformed to be The Art Market after 9 am. There are many local artists displaying their work and loads of merchandise for sale. You can find both traditional and modern crafts, like mats, clothes, paintings and many more.

You might have to wake up earlier in the morning to get there to see the Balinese people activity in the traditional market. You will find your daily groceries over there, especially your fruits and veggies. They sell plenty of those, healthy and fresh!

Offering Seller at Ubud Traditional Market. Image @varratravel

There’s nothing like a market place to give you an honest flavor of the local culture. You’ll get to make fresh supplies for your next days of traveling and maybe even some beautiful souvenirs to bring back home.

Best time to go to see the Balinese traditional market is from 5 am until 9 am. Shop for keepsakes and gifts after 9 am when the market transforms into art and handicraft market for souvenir needs. Bargain before you buy because there is up to 50 percent regular ‘tourist mark up’. Don’t forget to smile and make a joke with the seller. Balinese are very friendly and welcome. You can find some nice spots for the Instagram photo opportunity

The traditional art market is located in the heart of Ubud, just across the Ubud Palace. You can visit some nice attractions close by such as Campuhan Ridge Walk, Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary and Saraswati Temple. For good quality kinds of stuff, have a stroll at many shops and galleries along Monkey Forest Street.

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