The 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Bali


Balinese are blessed with an abundance of natural wonders with enough temple, rice terraces, lakes, mountains and rivers to explore for a lifetime. We’ve also got some of the most jaw-dropping waterfalls on Earth. Here are ten of the best to check out.

1. Sekumpul Waterfall at Lemukih Village, Buleleng, North Bali

Hidden in the dense jungles of Northern Bali lies Sekumpul Waterfall, a collection of seven picturesque waterfalls often cited as the most beautiful and spectacular waterfalls in Bali with the main fall is 80 meters in height. To get to this amazing spot, you’ll drive through the mountainous region of Northern Bali which offer great views of the Twin Lakes of Buyan and Tamblingan. The hike down is 40 minutes at least and along the most incredible rice field views and this waterfall is Bali’s best!

2. Fiji Waterfall at Lemukih Village, Buleleng, North Bali

Fiji waterfall is a stunner with three cascades falling side by side. The sight of the waterfall were simply amazing. You can go right under the cascade and take a dip in the base pool. The pictures don’t do it justice. Highly recommended attraction to anyone who needs to escape from the busy streets of southern Bali and to get lost in nature for a little while.

3. Banyumala Waterfall at Munduk Village, North Bali

Banyumala waterfall is a beautiful twin waterfall hidden away in Buleleng that shouldn’t be missed as it is truly a beautiful gift from nature. The sight of this beauty of nature is awe-inspiring as you watch the water rush against the steep cascading rocks. The natural pool is inviting with its translucent turquoise waters. It’s fresh cool and clean, perfectly safe to swim in. Bathe in tranquility, listen to the thunderous roar of cascading waters and take in the sights of the vibrant greenery. It’s absolutely perfect for a quiet and peaceful afternoon in the arms of Mother Nature. Climb up to the resting area where there’s another gazebo and there you can get a panoramic view of the waterfall and pool.

4. Nungnung Waterfall at Nungnung Village, Badung, Central Bali

Nungnung waterfall is one of the most beautiful, impressive but secluded 70-meters high waterfall set in the tranquility of river valley in Nungnung Village 35km North of Ubud, Bali. The drive to the falls is a treasure on its own, as you will pass the road with lush green rice paddies and plantations in every direction. The car park is easy enough to find, but once you get there prepare for the long descent ahead in order to find the waterfall. After a slightly strenuous trek down some steep, winding 400 steps you certainly reaps the rewards with an unforgettable view and a refreshing dip at the bottom of the falls. At the bottom of the gorge you will be amazed by the thunderous sound of the water crashing down with rocks in front of you, lush tropical vegetation on all sides, and the air misty with water fog.

5. Tukad Cepung Waterfall at Tembuku Village, Bangli, Central Bali

Tukad Cepung waterfall still remains as the best virgin waterfall of Bali. Located 30 kilometers north-west of Ubud, you will witness a rare view of a waterfall that should not be missed. The sunlight falls on the glistering waterfall creating a rainbow, which feels as though it is projected right up to you. This place is comparatively cooler and offers an immense sense of peace and tranquility. Tukad Cepung is one of the best Instagram spot you should not miss on a trip to Bali.

6. Aling Aling Waterfall, Sambangan Village, Buleleng, North Bali

Aling Aling Waterfall is an outstanding series of waterfalls in Sambangan Village, Buleleng North Bali. There is one impressive 35 meter tall waterfall and 6 more smaller ones downstream (Cemara, Kroya, Pucuk, Dedari, Kembar and Canging) and a natural pond known as “Blue Lagoon”. What will be waiting for you is not just a beautiful view, but also a small lagoon for swimming, a cliff jumping spot and natural water slides. These falls are located in a spectacular gorge setting. The jungle and rice fields around are wowing, and there’s a trek further down along the gorge to more falls and swimming spots. Aling Aling Waterfall is an oasis of unspoiled nature, one that will take your breath away.

7. Kanto Lampo at Beng Village, Gianyar, Central Bali

Kanto Lampo is one of the famous instagramable waterfall located in Beng Village in Gianyar. Walking down to get a full view of the waterfall is easy access. All you have to do is climb down the eight-meter rocky cliff. They have a safe railing, so you can hold on to that. While Kanto Lampo is not the biggest, nor the tallest or the most mind-blowing, it’s still unique in its own right. The water flows through multi-tiered rocky steps, which makes it visually more abstract and festive. The water is shallow, but it’s clear and cool enough to swim in.

8. Gitgit Campuhan Waterfall at Gitgit Village, Buleleng, North Bali

Campuhan Gitgit Waterfall is one of three amazing waterfalls in Gitgit Village which are offering the amazing panorama and geographically. Beautiful waterfalls from height hill which is encircled by fertile rain forest plantation and emerald pool. Twin Gigit waterfalls situated in the jungle of forest, fresh atmosphere with beautiful panorama presenting on the way to this waterfall. It produce the clear water with some time the local children play around and having bath.
The falls are about 18-meters high and nestled within a rock cavern, making it quite a unique sight. Access from the car park requires a 20-minutes walk along a well-constructed walkway. A natural pool is just downstream from the falls, suitable for children too. If you continue walking pass the Twin Falls you will find some other falls as well, all part of the same Gitgit Gorge heading North.

9. Tanah Barak Waterfall at Munduk Village, Buleleng, North Bali

Munduk Waterfall has been one of the most powerful Waterfall in Bali. It is surrounded by the green hills with endless plantations of cloves, cocoa, bananas, coconut etc. To reach the waterfall we need to take a short hike on a natural preserve path for about 15 minutes from the car park. Munduk waterfall also known as Tanah Barak waterfall, translated as red coral. It can be reached about 5 km away from Wanagiri Hidden Hills or just 2 km from Tamblingan lake.

10. Tegenungan Waterfall at Tegenungan Village, Gianyar, Central Bali

Bali is home to countless waterfalls with beautiful scenery and a calming atmosphere. One of the island’s most beautiful waterfalls is Tegenungan in Kemenuh village, Sukawati, Gianyar. The waterfall is isolated but has become a popular attraction to explore and relax. It is one of the few waterfalls in Bali that is not located in highlands or mountainous area. The amount and clarity of the water at the site depends on rainfall but it contains beautiful green surroundings with fresh water that can be swum in. The waterfall includes varying highs that can be climbed after the decent down stairs to reach it.

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