Monkey Forest Ubud, A Sacred Sanctuary in The Heart of Ubud

Monkey Forest Ubud

Monkey Forest Ubud is located in the central Ubud, inhabited more than 700 monkeys populate the forest along with 186 species of trees in this 12.5-hectare forest. It is a symbol of harmonious coexistence of humans with nature. There are three temples within the Monkey Forest Ubud: Pura Dalem, the shrine to Lord Shiva, the Holy Water Temple, and the Cremation Temple.

In the forest, visitors can also find sculptures, symbolizing the energies supporting the powers of the three temples. The temple-structure is based on the doctrine of Tri Hita Karana, which teaches followers how to maintain harmonious relationships of humans with humans, humans with their environment, and humans with The Supreme God. 

You are discouraged from playing or having physical contact with the monkeys, as they are wild animals which may bite. Feeding them peanuts is not good for their health. Do not try to hide the food as the monkeys will know and will try to take it. If a monkey jumps on you, remember to stay calm, stand up, and slowly walk away. If you want to get pictures with the monkeys, make sure your camera is ready while the monkey is crawling on your shoulder. Ask for assistance from the staff if necessary. tree canopy and temple complex.

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