Tibumana Waterfall, A Hidden Gem near Ubud

Tibumana Waterfall is scenic, but not overly spectacular, what makes the trip here worthwhile is, well, the journey. Passing charming villages, the roads narrow and the picturesque landscape changes to green and more green. Rice fields, coconut palms, banana trees, and temples.

From the car park near the Pura Dalem, a cement path leads on an enjoyable short trek down to the river peppered with flowers, bamboo groves, birds and butterflies. The path splits–take the path to the left to the waterfall. First, you will pass a smallish jungle cascade falling through creepers and vines to a shallow pool.

A change room is available if you’d like a swim, and a bamboo hut offers a shady rest spot. Take a sarong and sash, so you can take the other branch of the path where steep steps lead to a holy spring at a confluence in the river.

This waterfall is a hidden gem. The area around the waterfall is quite pretty the entire places surrounded by insane cliffs and jungle.

The Fact About Tibumana Waterfall

  • Entrance fee is IDR 10.000
  • It is very easy to walk to reach the base of the waterfall from the car park.
  • Before reaching the car park, you can enjoy the beautiful rice fields and village life atmosphere
  • This waterfall is not big but pretty enough to enjoy the serenity around the area.

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